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What is New In Advanta Witty Turbo - 6.0.54

Release Date: Tuesday, July.20, 2010
Release Time: 10.00 AM
Version: 6.0.54

  • Added Report Designer. Now User can Design Reports for Items, Ledgers, Inventory Vouchers and Accounting Vouchers as his desire. User can choose fields from list, can change Sequence, Width for Grid and Printing.
  • Improved Invoice Designer. Added New Fields to make Invoice more significance.
  • Added New Feature for Auditing. Now Admin User can Audit Inventory and Accounting Vouchers and No other User can Edit/Delete/Post/UnPost Audited Vouchers. Feature can Enable from Easy Wizard and Permission can be given from User Master.
  • Improve TDS Feature. Now Value of TDS, Surcharge, Cess will be Round Off on the basis of Option in Easy Wizard.
  • Improved Punjab VAT Form 16. Added Tax Value of Purchase Under Section 19 to Net Payable.
  • Improved Delhi VAT. Added Annexure 2A and Annexure 2B as per Government Notification.
  • Improved Himachal VAT. Added Exempted Tax Class to VAT Form XV. Added 13.75% Tax Class as per Government Notification.
  • Added Rajasthan VAT. Added VAT Form 7A and VAT Form 8A as per Government Notification.
  • Improved Haryana VAT Form R1. Added Surcharge Value along with VAT value.
  • Displayed Name and Contact Number for Local Support at Witty Desktop. Name and Contact Number can insert by Pressing F10 key on Splash Screen.
  • Improved Ledger Master. Added new field for Contact Person Name and Added Search Option to Show List By Ascending and Descending Order.
  • Improved Item Master. Added Search Option to Show List By Ascending and Descending Order.
  • Improved Price Structure. Added Edit Button to alter Price Rates.
  • Improved Sale/Purchase Order Statement Reports. Now all Items of Single Order can be viewed at once.