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Advanta Rapid 4.4.6 is Released…

Due to an experienced and passionate R&D Team, we’re making good on our commitment to add a lot of new features in Advanta Rapid. This time our update will provide you a better experience in Payroll, along with Fees and others modules. We have highly increased speed of Books Stock report of Library module, and fixed some known issues.

Following are the major attractions of this release:

  • Added Pay-band and AGP System in Payroll: A Pay-band is used in some organizations to define the basic salary of employees. Whereas AGP stands for Annual Gross Pay a terminology which shows the actual money being paid to you (salary + allowance), does not include the company’s contribution to insurance, provident fund, or the rent for your cubicle. Now you can enter Pay-band and AGP in Payroll module also.
  • Added PF Treasury Account in Payroll: PF Treasury account is where the amount of PF deposited in treasury is maintained. Accordingly you can avail the Loan facility from this account as well. A report is also added according to this feature.
  • Added a new transaction “Monthly Salary Adjustment” in Payroll: Some Fee Heads are not always static there might be some changes required monthly for these Fee Heads. To solve this in the transaction now you can adjust the monthly salary head amount, for a particular year and month. Particularly those heads would be adjusted those you wish to change.
  • Added a new transaction “PF A/c Settlement” in Payroll: A new transaction is added of PF A/c Settlement, where from you can deposit and withdraw amount from balance EPF amount. According to the transaction it would reflect in the report of EPF Treasury Ledger.
  • Improved Loan Payment, Loan Receipt Transaction in Payroll: Added a new field “From PF Treasury Account” in Loan Payment. By enable this feature you can pay loan from PF Treasury Account to employees.
  • Added new utility “Print Documents” in Payroll: There are many documents which are required at regular intervals to be printed. A new utility of “Print documents” is now available with this update. You can print employees/staff member documents like Address Label and I-Card. If you have purchased the SMS module then you can send SMS also from this utility.
  • Added a new feature “Use Multiple Fine Structures” in Fees module: In some cases where you have to create fine structures separately then you come into a fix. Now to solve this problem you can calculate fine according to due dates of different fees heads by creating a multiple fine structure
  • Improved the utility “Edit Student Fee Structure”: “Edit Student Fee Structure” is much more enhanced now. You can now add new fees on the existing student fee structure, according to due date.
  • Added a new report “Non Submitted Documents” in Admission module: To view those students who have not submitted the required documents a new report is added named “Non Submitted Documents”. In many cases some documents are missed out at the time of the admission. Keeping this issue in mind our team designed this new report where from you can easily view the same.
  • Improved Student I- Card Printing: Students I-Cards can be easily printed from Utilities module. You can now customize almost any aspect of your I-Card. It may include images, logos and text, barcodes and few other things.
  • Added “Contact No.” in Outstanding Fees: In Outstanding Fees you can now add the contact number of the students in this new field of “Contact No.” In the event of any account being outstanding the School reserves the right to take action. And if you wish to give any telephonic reminder that can also be preceded accordingly.
  • Improved the report “Daily Fees Collection” in Fees module: In “Daily Fees Collection” report, the not required fee heads would not appear. Particularly the Fee Heads having Zero balance would also not appear now.
  • Increased Speed of Library Reports: The Books Stock report in library module is now with better speed. We have worked on this report to improve performance even if there are thousands of books in the Library.
  • Fixed some minor issues: Apart from the above, we have also fixed some minor issues in the software.

We hope this update will help you get even more from Advanta Rapid. Please give your ideas positive or negative, in comments here. We would love to hear from you.

See you on the next release!!

The Advanta Rapid Team

School Administration & Management Software by Advanta Innovations

Advanta Rapid ERP is one of the best School management software available today in the market. Due to large number of students and almost double the number of students tracking them in a school, it becomes very difficult to manage the whole thing. Principal and teachers require quick information to manage students and parents. Also, the management requires quick and accurate information to manage teachers and make key decisions. So school management application software is very necessary for proper growth of a school.

School Administration Software helps to reduce redundancy and mismanagement from all departments of a school. The software contains 28 modules which help to easily manage all aspects and departments of a school. School Software fully automates the process of student enquiries, entrance tests, registrations, admissions, fees, timetable. It has been designed in a way so that any user even with little knowledge of computer may use it easily and efficiently.

Using this software teachers can easily enter attendance of students. Teachers can also easily manage all academic records of students. The examination and class test marks enter is also very easy with Advanta Rapid ERP. Library management module helps to easily manage all books of the school library. It helps to easily issue the books to students and keep track of issued books. It automatically calculates fine based on pre-defined options.

The school software has been designed as ERP of school. With this, administration of Educational institutions may instantly get any information regarding all departments of school. The school software has been developed by expert team of Advanta Innovations. The software is very much fast, flexible, easy to use, reliable and powerful. Company provides very good after sales support to its clients.

We provide completely free of cost demonstration/trial of our School Management Software at your school. Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to get a chance to serve you. And, please note that after getting a demonstration of our software you will NEVER be compelled to purchase. The free demo/trial enables you to evaluate the school administration software fully without spending a penny. You can make your decision to purchase, once you are fully satisfied. So, don’t wait, and try the school management system, today…

School Software, College Software, Institute Management Software : Advanta Rapid ERP

Welcome to Advanta Rapid ERP (Institute Management System Software) in the blogosphere. This is the very first post of our blog.

First of all a brief introduction to the company, Advanta Innovations Pvt Ltd: We are new to this blog, but not to our business. we have a long term relation with our business and domain. Having a vast experience in the field, skilled team and rocking products.

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We have three mainstream products in the market:

Advanta Witty Turbo: Complete Business Accounting Software

Advanta Rapid ERP: Most Comprehensive School/College/Institute Management Software

Attendance and Payroll Management Software

Passion for Innovation sets us ahead of others….

We believe that customer loyalty can be achieved through delivering reliable products and superior service. We ensure easy success of our customers through our team of experts, who with their vast experience in the IT field provide a backbone of support and reliance to rapidly built integrated e-business.

Please don’t hesitate in starting a communication. Post your comments, contact us any time. We would simply love to hear from you.

Thanks for your time.