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Impart quality education using the Advanta innovations excellent School management software

Gone are the days when schools used to depend on the routine, big registers and files for record keeping of the schools. Education system has undergone a big transformation and this is the era of computers. Computer has enormously influenced every walk of our life, so how can it leave behind education which is the basis of its discovery.
Let us understand the concept of School Management Software
School management software is basically application software developed to simplify the record keeping and managing the administration activities of the school. The introduction of school management software has simplified the complete activities of the school. It consists of various modules and the entities of the software are the school management, teachers, parents, students and finance professionals. Each user is provided with a unique username and password and access to data pertaining to his requirement and field.

Advantages of School Management software:
Effortless functioning of the school with better accuracy is assured by this software. Some of the key benefits offered by their use are:

  • Automated registration and admission formalities. Various search options to get quick access to student data.
  • Preparation of time table and allotment of classes to teacher to manage the classes in case of absence of some teacher.
  • Facility to manage the games activities, transport, library and music rooms.
  • Accurate up-keep of student’s attendance to trace habitual absentees and teachers’ attendance for leave accounting.
  • Miscellaneous links to manage the expenses of the school and salary disbursement modules.
  • Module to maintain student performance sheets.
  • Question paper generator and examination automation.
  • Easy interaction and better parents, teachers and students relation.

Advanta Rapid ERP is the one step solution to automation of your school administration. Having vast experience in the field of school management software, Advanta ensures that you get a trouble free environment and one click solutions to all your requirements for smooth functioning of the school. The availability of numerous modules make running of the school affairs very simple. These modules presented by Advanta covers almost every aspect of the school management. The schools can further place a requirement to add additional modules and incorporate some changes to suit to their requirement.

Advanta Rapid ERP is an award winning software which understands the requirement of your school as well. Various enquiries related to the affairs of the school can be solved in a fraction of second. There is no requirement to maintain separate book of accounts and auditing becomes a child’s play with the use of this powerful software.

There is enormous competition among various schools. The facilities, better environment and easiness of administration makes the school popular in the present day. It is important to win the trust of the parents. The authenticity and clarity of information provided by this software helps in monitoring performance of each student and pay personal attention.

These are some of the features which make Advanta innovations a popular company in the school management software development. For more information Click Here

Your one-stop company for school software, college software and business management software

Software for schools colleges & business accounting We all aim to empower our business with IT software solutions that help us to work smarter rather than work harder. If you want to accelerate the productivity and efficiency of your employees, you must provide them with tools that are developed to simplify every complicated task. Such are our software solutions, which enable your business climb the ladder of success easily. Advanta Innovations is certainly your one stop solution for different software needs. We have a range of software that fit your school, college, business and any other organization.

Though there are many companies out there in market that boost of impeccable, economical, and result-driven software solutions, you should notice how many of them actually deliver of what they boost. Advanta Innovations is one such company that delivers what it promises. Features that throw light on our software solutions are listed below:

  • Developing software which are powerful and user friendly
  • Providing best possible customer service
  • We keep the customization cost as low as possible
  • Deliver intelligent business solutions
  • Rapid configurable frameworks which enhance and build smart software solutions
  • Help you balance the workload while boost the productivity of IT
  • Help focusing on your business needs rather than technology

Traditional reporting for printing and documentation are basic functions of any business or educational institutes. We at Advanta Innovations provide standard software solutions that are multi-purpose in nature. We streamline your business process while automate your education processes and functions. Consolidated and comprehensive, dynamic and reliable are some of the many attributes that define our software solutions

Apart from these standard software solutions, Advanta Innovations aim to give you value comparisons across different areas while save your time and money. We help you in utilizing the same resource effectively and efficiently. Out of the box, our experts provide you with one of the easiest and simplest ways for the ends users so that they generate maximum productivity in less time.

We know that businesses have multiple data from assorted sources. Our software solutions help in storing that data at a centralized database thereby making your processes and functional departments complete, innovative, productive, and efficient and of greater value than ever before. There are departments in business that deal with critical and sensitive information. Realizing the importance of this sensitivity, we have developed software solutions that control the flow of information.

We believe that your business must meet different functional requirements that are easy to understand, visually appealing and easy to use. Keeping this in mind, our experts design and engineer different software solutions which make your business process stable, sensible and consistent. We seamlessly integrate our software solutions with your business processes and help you climb the ladder of success while fuel you business growth and profits.

If you are looking for innovative and tech savvy software solution for your business, then look no further. For, we at Advanta Innovations are here offering expert, reliable, dependable and cutting edge software solutions that are economical and customizable.

Feel free to contact our friendly team to get more details about our school software, college software, business accounting software or other services.

School Administration & Management Software by Advanta Innovations

Advanta Rapid ERP is one of the best School management software available today in the market. Due to large number of students and almost double the number of students tracking them in a school, it becomes very difficult to manage the whole thing. Principal and teachers require quick information to manage students and parents. Also, the management requires quick and accurate information to manage teachers and make key decisions. So school management application software is very necessary for proper growth of a school.

School Administration Software helps to reduce redundancy and mismanagement from all departments of a school. The software contains 28 modules which help to easily manage all aspects and departments of a school. School Software fully automates the process of student enquiries, entrance tests, registrations, admissions, fees, timetable. It has been designed in a way so that any user even with little knowledge of computer may use it easily and efficiently.

Using this software teachers can easily enter attendance of students. Teachers can also easily manage all academic records of students. The examination and class test marks enter is also very easy with Advanta Rapid ERP. Library management module helps to easily manage all books of the school library. It helps to easily issue the books to students and keep track of issued books. It automatically calculates fine based on pre-defined options.

The school software has been designed as ERP of school. With this, administration of Educational institutions may instantly get any information regarding all departments of school. The school software has been developed by expert team of Advanta Innovations. The software is very much fast, flexible, easy to use, reliable and powerful. Company provides very good after sales support to its clients.

We provide completely free of cost demonstration/trial of our School Management Software at your school. Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to get a chance to serve you. And, please note that after getting a demonstration of our software you will NEVER be compelled to purchase. The free demo/trial enables you to evaluate the school administration software fully without spending a penny. You can make your decision to purchase, once you are fully satisfied. So, don’t wait, and try the school management system, today…

School Software, College Software, Institute Management Software : Advanta Rapid ERP

Welcome to Advanta Rapid ERP (Institute Management System Software) in the blogosphere. This is the very first post of our blog.

First of all a brief introduction to the company, Advanta Innovations Pvt Ltd: We are new to this blog, but not to our business. we have a long term relation with our business and domain. Having a vast experience in the field, skilled team and rocking products.

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We have three mainstream products in the market:

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Advanta Rapid ERP: Most Comprehensive School/College/Institute Management Software

Attendance and Payroll Management Software

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