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Implement the cutting-edge Advanta Rapid ERP

Do you wish overcoming the complexity of managing your college and its different operations? Do you have problem in managing the different resources with precise efficiency? If yes, then it is time you get college management software installed. With number of software lunched in the market, you might face difficulty in selecting the best and optimum software for your college. But put an end to your worries and stress by implementing college software that is provided by Advanta Innovations.
As integrated and robust software, Advanta Rapid ERP is a blessing for managing different day to day operations. Most of the colleges and universities in India and abroad consider implementing this software so as to ease their tasks while increase the productivity. However the first two things which concern the college administration are:
• The option to customize
• The cost of implementation
Advanta Rapid ERP is cost effective software that is trusted by thousands of colleges and universities. There are innumerable benefits that you can reap by installing and implementing this software. Some of these benefits include:
• Applicable to different modules: all departments and functions of colleges can be integrated within such software. These modules include – accounts, registration, admission, payroll, examination, stock, canteen, inventory, hostel, and transportation etc.
• Accelerates productivity as it is easy to manage
• Reduces the work load of college administration to great extent
• Improved and better relations with parents and students
• The college shows better accounting by implementing Advanta Rapid ERP. Having a systematic way of maintaining the general accounting books, ledgers and balance sheets will assure that different information and related facts are tracked and recorded precisely on a predetermined platform.
• It results in better relations with the students. The ERP software systems permit the college management to introduce a virtual platform which the students can use for contacting. They can have access to different events, dates, and happenings which undoubtedly is an excellent thing.
The college management system is comprehensive and unparalleled software that covers each single aspect of your college helping the faculties, students, board of directors and management. The best feature of this software is that even parents have access to this software, thereby helping them learn more about their children and their performance. The parents can have access to all information about the institute and its functions.
With educational industry re-defining itself, it has become very common for the colleges to compete with each other in providing quality education. If utilized properly, this software can certainly bring a new shape while create an optimistic image about your college. So if you wish nurturing your students in the best way, then installing this software is recommended.
This software aims in bringing the whole college community together. The different modules of Advanta Rapid ERP make the college operations computerized which further helps your college match international educational standards. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with experts of Advanta Innovations that provide all software solutions under one roof.

College Administration & Management Software by Advanta Innovations

Advanta Rapid ERP is one of the best College management software available today in the market. Due to large number of students and almost double the number of students tracking them in a college, it becomes very difficult to manage the whole thing. Principal and teachers require quick information to manage students and parents. Also, the management requires quick and accurate information to manage teachers and make key decisions. So college management application software is very necessary for proper growth of a college.

College Administration Software helps to reduce redundancy and mismanagement from all departments of a college. The software contains 28 modules which help to easily manage all aspects and departments of a college. College Software fully automates the process of student enquiries, entrance tests, registrations, admissions, fees, timetable. It has been designed in a way so that any user even with little knowledge of computer may use it easily and efficiently.

Using this software teachers can easily enter attendance of students. Teachers can also easily manage all academic records of students. The examination and class test marks enter is also very easy with Advanta Rapid ERP. Library management module helps to easily manage all books of the college library. It helps to easily issue the books to students and keep track of issued books. It automatically calculates fine based on pre-defined options.

The college software has been designed as ERP of college. With this, administration of Educational institutions may instantly get any information regarding all departments of college. The college software has been developed by expert team of Advanta Innovations. The software is very much fast, flexible, easy to use, reliable and powerful. Company provides very good after sales support to its clients.

We provide completely free of cost demonstration/trial of our College Management Software at your college. Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to get a chance to serve you. And, please note that after getting a demonstration of our software you will NEVER be compelled to purchase. The free demo/trial enables you to evaluate the college administration software fully without spending a penny. You can make your decision to purchase, once you are fully satisfied. So, don’t wait, and try the college management system, today…