Impart quality education using the Advanta innovations excellent School management software

Gone are the days when schools used to depend on the routine, big registers and files for record keeping of the schools. Education system has undergone a big transformation and this is the era of computers. Computer has enormously influenced every walk of our life, so how can it leave behind education which is the basis of its discovery.
Let us understand the concept of School Management Software
School management software is basically application software developed to simplify the record keeping and managing the administration activities of the school. The introduction of school management software has simplified the complete activities of the school. It consists of various modules and the entities of the software are the school management, teachers, parents, students and finance professionals. Each user is provided with a unique username and password and access to data pertaining to his requirement and field.

Advantages of School Management software:
Effortless functioning of the school with better accuracy is assured by this software. Some of the key benefits offered by their use are:

  • Automated registration and admission formalities. Various search options to get quick access to student data.
  • Preparation of time table and allotment of classes to teacher to manage the classes in case of absence of some teacher.
  • Facility to manage the games activities, transport, library and music rooms.
  • Accurate up-keep of student’s attendance to trace habitual absentees and teachers’ attendance for leave accounting.
  • Miscellaneous links to manage the expenses of the school and salary disbursement modules.
  • Module to maintain student performance sheets.
  • Question paper generator and examination automation.
  • Easy interaction and better parents, teachers and students relation.

Advanta Rapid ERP is the one step solution to automation of your school administration. Having vast experience in the field of school management software, Advanta ensures that you get a trouble free environment and one click solutions to all your requirements for smooth functioning of the school. The availability of numerous modules make running of the school affairs very simple. These modules presented by Advanta covers almost every aspect of the school management. The schools can further place a requirement to add additional modules and incorporate some changes to suit to their requirement.

Advanta Rapid ERP is an award winning software which understands the requirement of your school as well. Various enquiries related to the affairs of the school can be solved in a fraction of second. There is no requirement to maintain separate book of accounts and auditing becomes a child’s play with the use of this powerful software.

There is enormous competition among various schools. The facilities, better environment and easiness of administration makes the school popular in the present day. It is important to win the trust of the parents. The authenticity and clarity of information provided by this software helps in monitoring performance of each student and pay personal attention.

These are some of the features which make Advanta innovations a popular company in the school management software development. For more information Click Here

Implement the cutting-edge Advanta Rapid ERP

Do you wish overcoming the complexity of managing your college and its different operations? Do you have problem in managing the different resources with precise efficiency? If yes, then it is time you get college management software installed. With number of software lunched in the market, you might face difficulty in selecting the best and optimum software for your college. But put an end to your worries and stress by implementing college software that is provided by Advanta Innovations.
As integrated and robust software, Advanta Rapid ERP is a blessing for managing different day to day operations. Most of the colleges and universities in India and abroad consider implementing this software so as to ease their tasks while increase the productivity. However the first two things which concern the college administration are:
• The option to customize
• The cost of implementation
Advanta Rapid ERP is cost effective software that is trusted by thousands of colleges and universities. There are innumerable benefits that you can reap by installing and implementing this software. Some of these benefits include:
• Applicable to different modules: all departments and functions of colleges can be integrated within such software. These modules include – accounts, registration, admission, payroll, examination, stock, canteen, inventory, hostel, and transportation etc.
• Accelerates productivity as it is easy to manage
• Reduces the work load of college administration to great extent
• Improved and better relations with parents and students
• The college shows better accounting by implementing Advanta Rapid ERP. Having a systematic way of maintaining the general accounting books, ledgers and balance sheets will assure that different information and related facts are tracked and recorded precisely on a predetermined platform.
• It results in better relations with the students. The ERP software systems permit the college management to introduce a virtual platform which the students can use for contacting. They can have access to different events, dates, and happenings which undoubtedly is an excellent thing.
The college management system is comprehensive and unparalleled software that covers each single aspect of your college helping the faculties, students, board of directors and management. The best feature of this software is that even parents have access to this software, thereby helping them learn more about their children and their performance. The parents can have access to all information about the institute and its functions.
With educational industry re-defining itself, it has become very common for the colleges to compete with each other in providing quality education. If utilized properly, this software can certainly bring a new shape while create an optimistic image about your college. So if you wish nurturing your students in the best way, then installing this software is recommended.
This software aims in bringing the whole college community together. The different modules of Advanta Rapid ERP make the college operations computerized which further helps your college match international educational standards. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with experts of Advanta Innovations that provide all software solutions under one roof.

How can you benefit from School Management Software?

In this era of technology and computers, it has become necessary for the educational industry to keep itself updated else it will be left behind, imparting education at low standards. Advanta Innovations is pioneering software Management Company that has introduced Advanta Rapid ERP – perfect and essential school management software which manages the complicated data of school administration. Schools now days are considered to be like big corporate houses that record management together with accounting data while also need content management solutions for efficient productivity of day to day activities. Advanta Rapid ERP is comprehensive school management software which is particularly designed for efficient management of assorted school activities.
There are many benefits of school ERP Software that your school can reap. From minimizing manual efforts and time this software also reduces the manual task which is required to execute school administrative and management duties. Advanta Rapid ERP is perfect solution for school that faces difficulty in managing their day to day tasks. Here are some ensuing benefits of Advanta Rapid ERP:
• Removes bottlenecks in the procedure of getting information from piles of papers or data stored in the computer system
• It reduces stacks of files and papers
• It improves the response of the system to meet the demand of the entities associated with the school
• Advanta Rapid ERP is a perfect integrated solution for managing academic, business, and administrative process
• Saves the time of staff which is spent in filing, posting, retrieving, and compiling paper records
• Helps in understanding the basic and initial flaws in academic structure of school and student
• Escalates the commitment of parents in school activities
• Offers systematic database together with excellent recalling facility
• Streamlines and smoothens the administrative work
• Provides the teachers an opportunity to share their ideas and experiences thereby building a competitive database of emerging future activities
• It results in sophisticated analysis of data and helps in rendering a better learning and communication
The main objective of this school software is to execute the main administrative activities of schools of different kinds. This software is user-friendly which can be customized to adapt the particular school management system. It has myriad of benefits to the school administration together with the students and their guardians which are simply never ending.
Technology has certainly revolutionized the dynamics of human beings. With the students and their parents becoming more education conscious, it has become natural for them to look for schools that have advanced school management systems that provide quality education to their students. Advanta Rapid ERP is designed in accordance to the advanced technology which handles critical and large database. The primary aim of this is to store the exam schedules, medical history, attendance record, admission details, personal details, and many other programs. The information of ex-students or terminated students is also recorded in the database. Establishing an excellent rapport between the students and the staff, this school management system is considered simply outstanding.

Easy and fast accounting with Advanta’s Witty Turbo

We know how important it is to manage your business efficiently. We know it takes great effort to set up a business and take to it heights from where you can reap benefits. If you own a business and are looking for something that can help you manage your finances at one source then Advanta’s Witty Turbo is the best.
Specialized in book keeping and other business accounting transactions, Advanta Witty Turbo is a pioneering business accounting software. Money keeps coming in and going out. Again it goes out. If you permit this trend to continue for long, you won’t be able to survive in your business. You need something that can glance at the condition of your finances and then promptly identify the threats and opportunity, while forget about the inscrutable ledger and accounting jargon screens. Now days the approachable accounting software generally deliver results which are thought to be accurate however might involve lengthy processes.
Accounting software by Advanta Innovations is effective and efficient besides being very easy on your pockets. Acknowledged as one of the professional accounting software, which is simply perfect for small businessmen who wish documenting and reporting on cash inflows and outflows. This includes receipts, sales, purchases, and payments.
Some advantages of Business Accounting Software:
• Easy to track payments and then deposit the transaction
• Email or fax the financial reports to your accountant directly
• View balance sheet and other financial reports
Recognized as one of the growing accounting software, Advanta Witty Turbo is specifically designed for businessmen and accountants helping them with assorted accounting transactions. With different attractive features, if you feel that this software might be expensive then you are wrong. Advanta Witty Turbo is economical, well equipped with accounting tools that work precisely the way you want them to work and deliver results.
• Real accounting software – our accounting software is accountant approved, enabling you run your business effortlessly.
• Professional Report – the software is designed to generate accurate financial reports like sales tax, balance sheet, A/P and A/R for your business.
• No more manual entry – this accounting software enables you to stay connected with your bank account, showing the transactions right in your account in no time.
• Seamless invoicing and payroll – this software is designed for unlimited invoicing so that your data is coordinated everywhere, instantly.
Accounting software ensures that your business can efficiently monitor and control business and financial performance, with real time visibility. You can gain the customer confidence by using this software as it shows transparency in accounting transactions and working of company.
Advanta Witty Turbo is a useful accounting tool which has immense potential of being used unlimited times. This software is designed to increase the productivity of your staff so that there is effective utilization of resources. So if you wish eliminating the potential errors while streamline procedure with online accounting software, call Advanta Innovations. We integrate our accounting software with your company’s needs and make sure that they help you with every financial transaction.

Rule the education industry with Advanta Rapid ERP school college software

School Software - College SoftwareHave you been thinking about re-defining your school and its different functions? If yes, then implementing precise school management software from Advanta Innovations is the sole solution. We know that you want the parents of your students to have easy access to different records of their children so that they get to know how their child is performing at school. Advanta Rapid is perfect for this. School Management Software is an application which helps you manage the entire school data easily in an organized way.

Acting as an interactive platform, this software helps the different entities of your school like – staff, parents, finance department, administrators, teachers, and students to come forward and interact with each other. Advanta Innovations provides an appropriate school software application which fulfills the needs of your school in an economical way. We offer our software in different parts of the world with packages which are simply speechless. In the environment of hyper competition, possessing and implementing the right kind of software which is unique and appealing is must to reach your needs. Selecting the right school management system can take your school to great heights, disseminating quality education to the students.

Gain competitive edge over other schools with Advanta Rapid ERP!

You can trust Advanta Rapid ERP for delivering very effective school management system with 28 modules and different packages. We provide any kind of school management software that you want, by customizing the same. The software is designed by a team of experts that is experienced and trained in designing a solution which helps you in managing and running your school. Advanta Rapid is user-friendly, created with right mix of modules which offer linguistic appeal to be used. Some modules covered by Advanta Innovations are:

  • Student enquiry software
  • Student attendance software
  • Registration and admission
  • Bulk SMS facility
  • Fees collection
  • Event management
  • Recruitment management
  • Library management software
  • External device integration
  • User management
  • Staff attendance
  • Timetable generation software
  • Discipline and hostel
  • Payroll management
  • Web/internet reporting
  • And the list goes on…

Advanta Rapid ERP is affordable, reliable, and economical software which is a big move towards a successful and acknowledged school in the whole world. If you have difficulty in taking your school related decisions, then implementing this software will solve your problems. This software helps you take instant and effective decisions for your school.

It is but natural that managing your school is not a child’s play. There are many students and double number of parents to whom you are accountable. Apart from these, there are shareholders, teachers, staff, administration that needs to be looked after. If you think of managing the data of your school manually, then be ready to face the challenges. Redundancy, delay in work, errors are some common problems. To establish an impeccable and unmatched reputation, you need implementing school management system which is simply unparalleled.

Advanta Innovations offers award winning and powerful school management software which is integrated with advanced technology. We promise our software will take care of all your school needs.

Please contact our friendly team to get more information or to purchase the school software or college software for your institute.

Your one-stop company for school software, college software and business management software

Software for schools colleges & business accounting We all aim to empower our business with IT software solutions that help us to work smarter rather than work harder. If you want to accelerate the productivity and efficiency of your employees, you must provide them with tools that are developed to simplify every complicated task. Such are our software solutions, which enable your business climb the ladder of success easily. Advanta Innovations is certainly your one stop solution for different software needs. We have a range of software that fit your school, college, business and any other organization.

Though there are many companies out there in market that boost of impeccable, economical, and result-driven software solutions, you should notice how many of them actually deliver of what they boost. Advanta Innovations is one such company that delivers what it promises. Features that throw light on our software solutions are listed below:

  • Developing software which are powerful and user friendly
  • Providing best possible customer service
  • We keep the customization cost as low as possible
  • Deliver intelligent business solutions
  • Rapid configurable frameworks which enhance and build smart software solutions
  • Help you balance the workload while boost the productivity of IT
  • Help focusing on your business needs rather than technology

Traditional reporting for printing and documentation are basic functions of any business or educational institutes. We at Advanta Innovations provide standard software solutions that are multi-purpose in nature. We streamline your business process while automate your education processes and functions. Consolidated and comprehensive, dynamic and reliable are some of the many attributes that define our software solutions

Apart from these standard software solutions, Advanta Innovations aim to give you value comparisons across different areas while save your time and money. We help you in utilizing the same resource effectively and efficiently. Out of the box, our experts provide you with one of the easiest and simplest ways for the ends users so that they generate maximum productivity in less time.

We know that businesses have multiple data from assorted sources. Our software solutions help in storing that data at a centralized database thereby making your processes and functional departments complete, innovative, productive, and efficient and of greater value than ever before. There are departments in business that deal with critical and sensitive information. Realizing the importance of this sensitivity, we have developed software solutions that control the flow of information.

We believe that your business must meet different functional requirements that are easy to understand, visually appealing and easy to use. Keeping this in mind, our experts design and engineer different software solutions which make your business process stable, sensible and consistent. We seamlessly integrate our software solutions with your business processes and help you climb the ladder of success while fuel you business growth and profits.

If you are looking for innovative and tech savvy software solution for your business, then look no further. For, we at Advanta Innovations are here offering expert, reliable, dependable and cutting edge software solutions that are economical and customizable.

Feel free to contact our friendly team to get more details about our school software, college software, business accounting software or other services.

Accelerate school performance through Advanta Rapid ERP

The growing education industry in India is urging different schools to cultivate an environment and culture of documenting while also rigorously examine the data so as to accelerate the school management. It is a fact that schools management has become increasingly complicated. Advanta Innovations realizes this and hence has designed software that will meet the needs of your school administration, teachers, parents, and students.

To overcome the complexity of running a school, Advanta Innovations has come up with advanced school management software that provides a robust platform. Generally called as Advanta Rapid ERP, our school management system helps in the regular functioning of the school in following ways:

  • Computerize the regular and mundane activities of your school while save your time by 45%.
  • Helps reduce the operation cost by nearly 35% and reduces redundancy.
  • Accelerates the resource utilization process which includes the human resources, library, classrooms, and buses.
  • It streamlines the different operations which further well defines the procedures and workflow in a better way.
  • This software makes the management of educational institutes very effective and efficient.
  • Increases the staff productivity.
  • Streamlines the different processes during the admission season, when the work load is at peak.

The school management system provides a safe and secure database which organizes, stores while retrieves the real time information. User-friendly and intuitive, this software can be used by user from any background. With our school management system, different functional departments of your school like attendance, admission, family information, inquiries, grading and discipline all are handy. This software serves as a common platform through which the school staff, teachers, and shareholders interact with each other, thereby contributing in making a world-class school.

Advanta Innovations online school management system delivers pioneer services and assistance for managing your school effectively. The simple and web based technologies accelerate the efficiency while cut down the costs that are associated with school registration, funding, budgeting, after school care, accounting and many more.

Our online software management solution rationalizes the different functional departments so that you focus on providing quality education to your students, brightening their future, while leading them along the path of a promised career. Our software aims to enrich the lives of students and teachers by providing them education and impeccable professional experience respectively. Our school software facilitates convenience for students and parents by automating the financial and administration management for your school and its staff.

Did you know that you can secure the online transactions and registrations, enhance the cash inflows, and cut down on different kinds of expenses with this school management software? Integrate the back end school accounting system with the school software and fuel the staff efficiency by leaps and bound. You can go green and opt for a paperless school if you install our Rapid ERP software. By installing a complete browser based advanced school software; your school will undoubtedly match the international education standards. Get in touch with Advanta Innovations and prepare yourself to stand out of the crowd…

Happy New Year 2013!!


So, the long going year 2012 is about to be a thing of past. We have seen a lot of phases, we have gone through lot of ups & downs and we have learn a lot of new things. Everything sweet or sour is now a part of our memories. At every phase of life, we tend to do new stuff, to improve and grow our self in vast area of our lives. Sometimes we succeed; and few times we tend to give up. Sometime we give up because we feel out of energy.

So here comes the beginning of New Year 2013 giving a fresh start to our efforts. This is an opportunity to start our failed or missed efforts from a clean state with lots of fresh energy and passion. So let’s not drop this opportunity and make the best in coming New Year. Start some new initiatives, and restart some stopped ones. Like all past years, make some resolutions again and promise with ourselves to not to break those this year.

On behalf of whole Advanta Team, we wish our esteemed customers, partners, team members and their families a very happy & bright new year. We wish the New Year fulfilled with joy and happiness. We wish you achieve all your dreams and rise to new heights of success. And most importantly, we wish peace, honesty, wisdom and light of truth for people of whole world.

Happy New Year 2013!!

PS: And, If you want to send your wishes to Advanta Team members, you can submit in the comments below. Thanks…

Advanta Witty Turbo 6.1.16 is Released…

A global market requires software that can keep up with the ever-changing laws and representations that govern it. After working on some of the major modules today we are releasing the new version of Advanta Witty Turbo. In this update, we have covered the Batch wise Detail Feature, Item Classification Feature, Inventory Vouchers, Trading Excise Feature and Punjab VAT Reports. Along with it, we fixed some known issues.

Following are the main attractions of new release:

  • Improved Batch wise Detail Feature. Now Free Qty Scheme of Purchase, Free Qty Scheme for Sale, Cost Price, Net Price, Purchase Party, Purchase Invoice No., Purchase Date, Stock Update Date etc information will display in Batch List.
  • Improved Trading Excise Feature. Now BED, SED, AED, Education Cess, SHE Cess Amount, can also edited at time of Opening Excisable Items. Earlier these values can only calculated automatically. Added more Search Options in Reports as Item Group wise, Suppliers wise, RG23D No wise etc.
  • Improved Item Classification Feature. Item Selection in Item Classification feature made much easier. A window will ask Quantity for all Classification Fields and on Click of One button all items will inserted.
  • Updated Punjab VAT eFiling. Punjab VAT Form 23 and VAT Form 24 updated as per Govt. Notification..
  • Improved Fertilizer/Seed/Pesticide Reports. Sale Column Split into Two parts for Sale to Dealer and Sale to Farmer. Now Total Sale of a Day can be bifurcate into two columns, for wholesale Sale and Retail Sale.
  • Improved Invoice Format Designer. Now Invoice format designer is much powerful. More than 35 different variable added to make Invoice Designer more Powerful.

We hope you find these features useful. Please give your ideas – positive or negative, in comments here. We would love to hear from you.

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

The Advanta Witty Turbo Team

Advanta Rapid 4.4.6 is Released…

Due to an experienced and passionate R&D Team, we’re making good on our commitment to add a lot of new features in Advanta Rapid. This time our update will provide you a better experience in Payroll, along with Fees and others modules. We have highly increased speed of Books Stock report of Library module, and fixed some known issues.

Following are the major attractions of this release:

  • Added Pay-band and AGP System in Payroll: A Pay-band is used in some organizations to define the basic salary of employees. Whereas AGP stands for Annual Gross Pay a terminology which shows the actual money being paid to you (salary + allowance), does not include the company’s contribution to insurance, provident fund, or the rent for your cubicle. Now you can enter Pay-band and AGP in Payroll module also.
  • Added PF Treasury Account in Payroll: PF Treasury account is where the amount of PF deposited in treasury is maintained. Accordingly you can avail the Loan facility from this account as well. A report is also added according to this feature.
  • Added a new transaction “Monthly Salary Adjustment” in Payroll: Some Fee Heads are not always static there might be some changes required monthly for these Fee Heads. To solve this in the transaction now you can adjust the monthly salary head amount, for a particular year and month. Particularly those heads would be adjusted those you wish to change.
  • Added a new transaction “PF A/c Settlement” in Payroll: A new transaction is added of PF A/c Settlement, where from you can deposit and withdraw amount from balance EPF amount. According to the transaction it would reflect in the report of EPF Treasury Ledger.
  • Improved Loan Payment, Loan Receipt Transaction in Payroll: Added a new field “From PF Treasury Account” in Loan Payment. By enable this feature you can pay loan from PF Treasury Account to employees.
  • Added new utility “Print Documents” in Payroll: There are many documents which are required at regular intervals to be printed. A new utility of “Print documents” is now available with this update. You can print employees/staff member documents like Address Label and I-Card. If you have purchased the SMS module then you can send SMS also from this utility.
  • Added a new feature “Use Multiple Fine Structures” in Fees module: In some cases where you have to create fine structures separately then you come into a fix. Now to solve this problem you can calculate fine according to due dates of different fees heads by creating a multiple fine structure
  • Improved the utility “Edit Student Fee Structure”: “Edit Student Fee Structure” is much more enhanced now. You can now add new fees on the existing student fee structure, according to due date.
  • Added a new report “Non Submitted Documents” in Admission module: To view those students who have not submitted the required documents a new report is added named “Non Submitted Documents”. In many cases some documents are missed out at the time of the admission. Keeping this issue in mind our team designed this new report where from you can easily view the same.
  • Improved Student I- Card Printing: Students I-Cards can be easily printed from Utilities module. You can now customize almost any aspect of your I-Card. It may include images, logos and text, barcodes and few other things.
  • Added “Contact No.” in Outstanding Fees: In Outstanding Fees you can now add the contact number of the students in this new field of “Contact No.” In the event of any account being outstanding the School reserves the right to take action. And if you wish to give any telephonic reminder that can also be preceded accordingly.
  • Improved the report “Daily Fees Collection” in Fees module: In “Daily Fees Collection” report, the not required fee heads would not appear. Particularly the Fee Heads having Zero balance would also not appear now.
  • Increased Speed of Library Reports: The Books Stock report in library module is now with better speed. We have worked on this report to improve performance even if there are thousands of books in the Library.
  • Fixed some minor issues: Apart from the above, we have also fixed some minor issues in the software.

We hope this update will help you get even more from Advanta Rapid. Please give your ideas positive or negative, in comments here. We would love to hear from you.

See you on the next release!!

The Advanta Rapid Team